Mati Tee - Female Cut

Mati Tee - Female Cut

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Lemondose Mati Tee - Female Cut

T-shirt promises the soothing feel which accompanies the ultimate body hug. Organic cotton thread is treated with loving tenderness to craft a unique piece of clothing you will enjoy for years to come. (Just remember: Organic cotton is sensitive to hot water. It tends to shrink and twist. Machine wash COLD)

Evil eye is believed to be a curse that is given by a glare that has negative intensions. Any negative emotion can cause the evil eye (mati) curse, such as anger or even jealousy. Wearing a special evil eye charm, also called a mati, is said to help prevent the curse from even happening.

  • Female Cut
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Same Material - Soft Clothing Label
  • Hand-made in Athéna, Greece
  • Machine wash COLD with like colors - Do not bleach - Tumble dry low - Low iron if needed
  • One size larger than normal recommended if you are planning to wash in warm water